The internet belongs to all of us! Preserving net neutrality and the information commons By Emma Guttman-Slater | LinkedIn and Symone Jackson | LinkedIn Emma is the Strategic Communications Director and Symone is the Social Media and Digital Engagement Manager for Beneficial State Foundation, both based in Oakland, CA. In two days, the Federal Communications Commission […]

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Beneficial State statement on current tax proposals We believe in a fair shake for everyone, and envision not only a banking industry fair to the person with the least bargaining power, but a society and economy that are too.  Notwithstanding our dire need for a tax plan that produces increased equity and local living economies, […]

Beyond one-day service: how you and your company can build lasting relationships with nonprofits to further your mission By Tegan Molloy | LinkedIn Tegan participated in Beneficial State Foundation’s 2017 Summer Fellowship as the Community Engagement Fellow based in Portland, OR. In order to build a new economy that’s inclusive of all communities and sustainable for […]

A small change makes a big impact By Annette Vasquez Annette is a Beneficial Banker at Beneficial State Bank based in Visalia, CA. Every year, people from around the world come together to participate in a challenge that is not only fun, but also beneficial to themselves, their communities and our planet. The Northwest Earth […]

Can cooperatives help us create an equitable economy? By Salvador Menjivar | LinkedIn | Twitter Salvador is Beneficial State Foundation’s Executive Director based in Oakland, CA. There are many different types of cooperatives in the U.S. and some have been more successful than others in establishing roots in the communities where they reside. Contrary to […]

How do I know if my bank is good? By Jhana Valentine | LinkedIn Jhana is Beneficial State Foundation’s Social and Environmental Impact Associate based in Oakland, CA. “How do I know if my bank is good?” When I was first asked this question, I was surprised and a little embarrassed that I didn’t have […]

“Active Hope”: A compass for navigating sadness in the world By Anne Morgan | LinkedIn I have a book for you that will dramatically shift the way you view the world. I can count on one hand the number of books that were as transformational for me as Active Hope: How to Face the Mess […]