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Banking on our summer fellows

Beneficial Banking Summer Fellows 2019

This summer, ten Beneficial Banking Fellows worked on a variety of research projects to help advance our work to change the banking system for good and directly impact communities through beneficial banking.

They explored a diverse array of key questions about equity in finance, such as:

How can Beneficial State Bank’s mission-driven principles and policies serve as a model for other banks? How can we help move financial institutions closer to becoming triple-bottom-line?

How have financial institutions harmed transgender and/or gender diverse communities? What bank policies can be implemented to ensure trans and gender diverse people are treated with dignity and respect?

What economic impact can a nonprofit make by moving its money to a triple-bottom-line bank, like Beneficial State Bank?

Our fellowship program plays a critical  role for research, development, and exploration of emerging best practices in equitable banking. We cannot build a just economy while continuing to engage in traditional (and often extractive) methods of finance. A just economy requires a better way of banking.

Socially responsible finance and triple bottom line banking present a unique opportunity for professionals in the finance industry to transform the way that they think about investments, the flow of capital, social impacts, and returns on investments. We’re proud of the pipeline of social impact and community leaders who have gone through our Beneficial Banking fellowship program.

Symone is Beneficial State Foundation’s Digital Engagement Manager based in Oakland, CA.

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