Driving & Measuring Impact

Driving and Measuring Impact

At the Foundation, we have an impact team focused on driving and measuring the social and environmental impact of Beneficial State Bank and Albina Community Bank.  We are helping to define the positive change that we want to make and how to measure it. Our areas of focus include creating good jobs, cleaning our air by reducing carbon emissions, improving health of individuals and families by producing organic food, and more.  By defining and measuring these impacts, we can help the banks determine which loans and products will do the most good and assess our performance.

Impact Website

Developed by the foundation’s impact team, the Beneficial State Impact website is the home for all of our key mission information, including our beliefs, approaches, community context, and our data.

External Reporting

In addition to our own goals, the Foundation’s impact team also helps to measure and report on impacts for external certifications, memberships, programs and regulatory compliance, including the following:

We also help to apply and report results on funding programs such as Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund that help the bank offer innovative community-focused programs.

Internal Impact

The impact team is also focused on driving and tracking our internal impact, ensuring that our foundation and bank operations as well as our staff programs and incentives are continuing to improve our environmental footprint and create positive social impact. One of our primary channels for focusing on internal impact is our Green Team.

Questions? Contact Us

To learn more about our social and environmental impact initiatives, contact Erin Kilmer Neel, Chief Impact Officer and Deputy Director.