Can cooperatives help us create an equitable economy? By Salvador Menjivar | LinkedIn | Twitter Salvador is Beneficial State Foundation’s Executive Director based in Oakland, CA. There are many different types of cooperatives in the U.S. and some have been more successful than others in establishing roots in the communities where they reside. Contrary to […]

How do I know if my bank is good? By Jhana Valentine | LinkedIn Jhana is Beneficial State Foundation’s Social and Environmental Impact Associate based in Oakland, CA. “How do I know if my bank is good?” When I was first asked this question, I was surprised and a little embarrassed that I didn’t have […]

“Active Hope”: A compass for navigating sadness in the world By Anne Morgan | LinkedIn I have a book for you that will dramatically shift the way you view the world. I can count on one hand the number of books that were as transformational for me as Active Hope: How to Face the Mess […]

Inclusion drives innovation: how we can shift societal attitudes toward disabilities By Michael Steen | LinkedIn Michael is Beneficial State Bank’s Senior Credit Analyst in Portland, OR. Along with family, friends and a myriad of community organizations that are integral to the human experience, employment offers an essential avenue to connect with one another.  It […]

Supporting disaster recovery efforts in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Mexico A statement from Beneficial State Bank Co-CEOs, Kat Taylor and Dan Skaff, and Beneficial State Foundation Executive Director, Salvador Menjivar. Over the last few weeks we have witnessed with great sadness the immense human suffering and devastation from natural disasters in the US, Mexico and other […]

5 ways to go back to school with social entrepreneurship By Kate Rood | LinkedIn Kate is Beneficial State Foundation’s Community Engagement Officer based in Portland, OR. It’s been three years since I turned in my last final for the MBA program at Portland State University. Enough time has passed that back to school season […]

Why you should care about Dodd-Frank By Fiona Ruddy | LinkedIn Fiona participated in Beneficial State Foundation’s 2017 Summer Fellowship as the Movement Building, Policy & Strategic Communications Fellow. Last week I was on a walk discussing my fellowship at Beneficial State Foundation with a friend who is starting a PhD program. I began rattling off […]