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Our statement on values

Our Statement on Values

We at Beneficial State commit to work each day toward our vision for an equitable and tolerant world – one that is fully inclusive, racially and gender just, and environmentally restorative. Our commitment to justice, one of the core values that guides our organization, remains strong as we build a fair, inclusive, and prosperous economy for all.

We oppose a ban on immigration and refugees because it threatens these values. This country was founded by immigrants and continues to innovate and thrive because of immigrants and refugees – they are a strength to our nation. We do not, and will not, accept discrimination in any form.

After the November election we wrote to you, our stakeholders, about our commitment to human dignity, affirming that we will work diligently to empower our customers, to finance a just economy and healthy planet, to change the banking system for good, and to make this country truly great for all. We stand by that commitment and thank you for joining in this work with us.

Anne DeMelle, Community Engagement ManagerAnne DeMelle
Community Engagement Officer, Seattle

Anne has been finding ways for people and organizations to create lasting value in our communities and restore the environment since 2003. She has held a range of positions in the private, nonprofit, and higher education sectors, including sustainable business consulting, program management, and fundraising.

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Jamie Facciola
Oakland Indie Awards Event Director

Jamie is responsible for planning, designing, and producing the 2017 Oakland Indie Awards, an economic development initiative that aims to build prosperity in our community by celebrating our local economy. An ardent supporter of independent businesses, she believes in harnessing the power of community capital and equity-based ownership models to spread prosperity.

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Symone Jackson
Social Media and Digital Content Manager

Symone Jackson, a Bay Area native, graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in political science. Prior to joining Beneficial State Foundation as the Social Media & Digital Content Manager, she was selected to participate in a journalism fellowship for Fusion Media Network, where she reported on community safety, police-community relations, and immigration.

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Kate Rood
Community Engagement Officer, Portland

Before joining Beneficial State Foundation, Kate advised Portland State University’s Impact Entrepreneurs on social innovation events and community programs. Her background is in executive education, designing digital leadership development content and bringing business leaders together for collaboration and community.

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