Alfonso Rojas-Alvarez

 Alfonso Rojas-Alvarez    Alfonso Rojas-Alvarez
Sacramento Small Business Lending & Financial Capacity

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I first got involved in public issues while doing my major in Political Science at the University of Costa Rica. I have also studied finance and economics to complement my knowledge with a broader business-oriented and quantitative perspective. From 2010 to 2013, I was an advisor to the Minister of the Presidency of Costa Rica, and by working alongside the President, had the opportunity to grasp the impact that small business and nonprofits have in a developing society.

We promoted bills in congress, negotiated with stakeholders and handled national emergencies, among many other hard but satisfying duties. Trying to follow the path of grassroots impact, I took the next step and enrolled in the Masters of Public Policy Program at the Goldman School at UC Berkeley, and I’m excited to promote access to credit to local projects with community impact at One PacificCoast Bank and Foundation. In my personal life, I’m passionate about sports, rock music and philosophy, but can’t take a side on the dogs vs cats debate; I love them both!

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