Emma Guttman-Slater

Emma Guttman-Slater, Community Engagement ManagerStrategic Communications Director

Emma is a proud Oakland resident who brings a love for people and a curiosity about life to her work. Prior to joining Beneficial State Foundation, Emma managed a loan portfolio at a community lending agency, helping clients to overcome financial challenges and launching the organization’s first-ever student loan program for underserved Bay Area youth.

Emma was a Field Organizer on President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign in Broward County, FL and has worked in low-income housing rehabilitation in New Orleans.

Emma is an active alumna of AVODAH, an anti-poverty and social change service corps. She graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Yale University, where she received several fellowship awards to conduct research in East Africa. Emma is an energetic connector, social justice advocate, and believer in the power of community to make shift happen. She especially loves to bask in the wonders of nature. She encourages you to be in touch!